PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

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The PaperLike makes writing, sketching and annotating on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil feel like you're doing it on paper.

What you get:

  • 2 x PaperLike screen protectors
  • 2 x wet & dry screen wipes
  • 2 x dust absorber & guide-sticker kits
  • Instruction sheet

Currently ships worldwide within 1 week of purchase.

Customer Reviews

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I really liked the feeling that Paperlike gave to my ipad screen. It feels great drawing on my screen now. Thank you


The product is really close to what I was hoping for and I can draw easily with it, which will allow me to save paper. It's really surprising and every time I use it I'm happy.

good stuff

Good stuff at all

PaperLike, Apple iPad pro

I have used you product for a month and am very pleased , the pencil works much better and the anti glare is great on the train . I know appriciate the compromise between screen sharpness and surface resistance , I think you have made a good call for general use . Did you try a film with even more feel ?

Thanks for your review and I'm happy you're enjoying the paper-feel as much as I do! We did try rougher surfaces, but the screen refraction became too strong which really made the screen unenjoyable. We're trying out other options and may have news in the future. Thanks again! Jan
Great product

The texture and even the sound is like paper... This is prob the closest thing yet to making the iPad feel like actual paper. The only thing that I was bummed about is the amount of time it took to get here. Right after I ordered I found out it was on back order, then international shipping took almost 3 weeks (which is normal for international). The only problem I forsee is if people in the United States or other countries besides Germany do not want to wait that long and go with a different product. Other than that the paper like screen protector is an amazing addition to the iPad pro for anyone who is trying to make digital art!

If you want to check my art out you can visit my site here:.

Hi Adam, Thanks for your review! We're working on getting a distribution centre in the US, so orders arrive faster. Thanks again for your feedback and we're doing our best so you have an awesome paper-experience! Best, Jan